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Wisdom teeth appear in the mouth usually between 16 to 25 years of age. They are the third and final molars in the back of the mouth. Many times, they erupt straight and without any problems. Sometimes, however, they grow sideways, remain partially erupted or trapped between the gums and bone which can lead to pain, inflammation and even infection. These teeth are commonly removed to prevent current or potential future problems as in more serious cases, they may even cause tumours or cysts and destroy the jawbone and other healthy teeth. In some cases, wisdom teeth only partially break through the gums. When this occurs, the tooth becomes susceptible to infections resulting in pain, jaw stiffness and general sickness. Every now and then, your dentist may take an x-ray of your wisdom teeth to monitor their condition, and make recommendations on any necessary procedures. Removing wisdom teeth can be a complicated procedure, in which case an oral surgeon may perform the extraction. If you are experiencing pain, sensitivity or discomfort due to your wisdom teeth, come in for a consultation so that we can advise you on the treatment and next steps.

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