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Dental Bonding 

Dental bonding and Dental veneers are used to fix cavities and broken teeth, but can also be used for cosmetic purposes to give the appearance of straight, beautiful teeth.

Dental bonding can also be used to re-shape teeth, fill in gaps between teeth, fix cracked teeth and replace metal fillings.

Dental bonding is painless and can be used to fix minor repairs. Composite resin is applied on the tooth and then shaped and hardened under light. Dental bonding is versatile because it can be used to fix or build teeth and can be painted. 

Since plastic resin is applied to your teeth, it is more likely to stain, and chip or break since it is not as strong as your own tooth enamel. However, with proper care, bonding can last three to five years before needing repair.

Dental Veneers 
Veneers are made of thin acrylic or porcelain shells that are secured to the front of the teeth. They give the appearance of a beautiful straight and symmetrical smile. Porcelain veneers are more common because they are more durable than acrylic. 

Veneers hide teeth that are chipped, unevenly spaced, severely stained, cracked and worn down. Veneers provide a natural appearance, and resist stains caused by coffee and other dark coloured foods and beverages.

With proper care, veneers can last more than ten years. Avoid using your veneers to open and cut things, and they require regular brushing and flossing like real teeth.

If you think having more attractive teeth could make you feel better about yourself, you should definitely come in for a dental veneers consultation. Just call and make an appointment in Oakville, Milton and Burlington.  


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